andrejSAndrej Šepetkovski was born on the 5th of March, 1974 in Aleksinac, Serbia.
He finished Faculty of Dramatic Art in Belgrade in 1998. and received “Mata Milošević“ Award as the best student of acting.
He has been acting in many feature and short films and TV series
He performed in the most prestigious theaters in Serbia, and received many good reviews and awards.
From 2005 Andrej is working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He is a professor of acting.
In 2010, Andrej wrote a drama “Walking with Lion”. The theater play after this drama has made a great success. The film “Walking with Lion” is in preparation.
In 2014. he finished his second drama “In the Clutches of Art” .
Andrej is married to Katrin. They are blessed with a son, Aleksej and a daughter, named Larisa.


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