18Tamara Bijelić (Belgrade, 1985) graduated in 2010 at the Department of Dramaturgy, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Produced plays: “Station – Compass” (Dadov, 2011) “Rat Dance” (published in the theater magazine “Teatron” 2009, staged reading in the UK “Steamboat” as part of the programme “Pearls from the menagers drawer,” 2011), “How I Fell For Football “(Dadov, 2008), radio play “The Sixth Sense ” (Radio Belgrade, 2009). She worked as a screenwriter on interactive movie “Über life” (Emote Productions, 2010) and as a dramaturg / assistant to several professional and student performances.
She is currently taking part in a PhD program in Theatre Studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

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