6Ljubinka Stojanovic was born in Belgrade, 1979. She is at her graduate year of dramaturgy studies at the Academy of Arts “Braca Karic”, the class of professor Sinisa Kovacevic. She has been the member of the Society of playwrights of Serbia since 2003 as well as of ICWP (International Center for Woman Playwright).
At the anonymous contest for the award “Branislav Nusic”, she won the second award with her drama Pigeon house, in 2003. The same drama has been published in the anthology of Contemporary Serbian Drama No. 15.
In the Project Alcatrash, she cooperated in the writing of film script of a German director, Christian Wagner (Christian Wagner Filmproduktion), in 2002.
Project by VTV, Television Vršac, on fine manners Lepomir Brlja 2003.
Project A Step Towards Theatre, by Society of Playwrights; public reading of the drama Pigeon house, produced by Jug Radivojevic.
As part of the project of Student Cultural Centre Theatre – Belgrade stories 4 – her play titled Golden hook, directed by Ana Tomovic, was staged in 2004.
Dramas: Life in a Grave, 2000, Ode of People with no Roots or A City Better than This One, 2001, Pigeon house, 2003, Golden Hook, 2004, Pit, 2005
TV dramas: Net, A Woman in the Middle
Film script: Thorn (2005)
She learns to write and live in Belgrade.

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