26Simona Hamer (1984) is a free lance playwright, dramaturge, performer, publicist and producer.
She studied dramaturgy at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (University of Ljubljana) and worked as a dramaturge in Gledališče Glej/Glej Theater (2008 – 2010) and collaborated with many directors in several Slovenian Theaters.
As a playwright she has had several stage readings (Taubeka/Lovebirds in 2007 and 2008, Amen in 2009, Tik-tak/Tick- tock in 2010 in Ljubljana and Novi Sad, Serbia). She is the author of the text of several performances: V.E.M (2010), Šajning/Shining (2010), Brez/Without (2011), Kladivo ali pinceta? (dramaturška osmišljevanja)/A Hammer or a Pincette? (Reflexions on Dramaturgy) (2012).
She wrote and performed short text Nemi lik/Silent figure (2010), Jaz sem Simona Hamer, umetnica/I’m Simona Hamer and I’m an artist (2011) and a solo performance Kladivo ali pinceta?/A Hammer or a Pincette? (2012). Her plays are published in Dramober 2008 (Taubeka/Lovebirdes), Dramober 2009 (Tik-tak/Tick-tock) and Zakon, III. branje/The Act, Third Reading, 2011 (Nemi lik/Silent Figure).
From 2008 on she is a member of preglej (Initiative for contemporary playwriting). She participated and organized workshops in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia and is one of the artistic directors of international festival Read it out loud! (Festival of contemporary Plays).

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